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Tap into Omega-3 benefits for improved herd performance

Did you know? Did you know?6-8-2019

Recent research shows that around 75% of developing embryos are lost within the first 21 days of a cow’s pregnancy – and many are well away from achieving the target of a 370-day calving interval. 
So steps are required to help improve their herd’s fertility performance. 

Omega-3 fatty acids play an important role in helping to support cow fertility, and producers have typically relied on grass to provide the bulk of their herd’s omega-3 intake. But at certain times of the year, or depending on a farm’s specific feeding system, grass alone will not always provide the levels required to ensure optimal fertility.

Lintec linseed


Lintec is a linseed feed supplement that comprises a specific strain of thermo-extruded linseed. It is high in omega-3 fatty acids and is proven to aid fertility in dairy herds, as well as improve overall cow health and milk production. 

The high levels of omega-3 fatty acids found in Lintec rebalance cow hormones, boost progesterone levels, and suppress prostaglandin levels – all can help a cow to maintain her pregnancy once she’s in calf.

Lintec, using the ForFarmers it3 index, can also aid heat detection as cows display stronger and more persistent signs of heat. And Lintec’s benefits go beyond fertility. Milk quality and quantity can be improved because it helps to reduce the energy wasted in the rumen, as methane, and in the udder, as saturated fat.

High levels of starch and sugars in cow rations can increased levels of lactic acid and volatile fatty acids (VFAs). This can result in acidosis and impaired rumen function. By removing VFAs from the rumen, the supplement also helps increase rumen pH, stabilise the rumen environment, and combat the negative impact of acidosis. 

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