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ForFarmers’ co-product innovation helps Sedamyl UK close the loop


ForFarmers collects hundreds of tonnes of non-core product remnants from wheat processor Sedamyl UK each day. But this is only part of the service. 

A commitment to innovation prompted the company to develop a highly nutritious and sought-after animal feed product from Sedamyl’s residual volumes. Not only is this delivering increased commercial returns for Sedamyl, it is also contributing to Britain’s growing closed-loop food chain.


Sedamyl UK processes wheat to manufacture a range of products for the human food and drink industry, including alcohol, starch and gluten. Co-products including feed wheat and syrup are collected from site several times each day in order for the company to meet its rigorous production schedule.

As well as helping Sedamyl UK to continue uninterrupted manufacture of their core products, these co-products also generate an additional revenue stream, thanks to their intrinsic value as animal feed. The ForFarmers sales and trading teams strive to achieve the most competitive rates for their customers’ co-product volumes in the open market, selling to a network of farmers across the UK. In the case of Sedamyl, however, they spotted an additional opportunity to increase these commercial returns even further.

Sedamyl in Selby
Sedamyl's UK site in Selby


ForFarmers felt that by blending Sedamyl’s two co-product streams of feed wheat and syrup, they could meet farmers’ demands for a ruminants feed that offered a higher nutritional value and an increased lifespan than what was already available.


After proposing the idea to Sedamyl, the two companies agreed to jointly fund a new mixing station and commissioned the R&D experts at ForFarmers’ in-house Nutrition Innovation Centre to analyse the composition of the co-products.

Early signs were favourable, so product development continued until the optimal, balanced blend of materials was created, using additives to increase the feed’s shelf-life. ForFarmers presented Sedamyl with the finished product: SelcoPlus, just six months later.


A highly palatable moist feed, SelcoPlus is high in energy and protein content and contains moderate amounts of starch and sugar, making it especially suitable when used in grass silage-based rations for dairy cows. A high-performance feed, it is designed to boost milk yield and quality and, once ensiled, will store for many months.

It proved an instant hit. Unique to ForFarmers, the SelcoPlus brand is now firmly established in the market, attracting a loyal customer base who purchase it year-round. It has it filled the gap for a highly nutritious, long-lasting, premium ruminants feed; also helping to close the loop by boosting milk production.

Crucially, it has also increased commercial returns for Sedamyl, who are delighted with the success of the project.

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