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Homemix Nutrition: Solutions for home mill and mix

Homemix Nutrition is the division of ForFarmers dedicated to providing products and services for customers who home mill and mix their own feeds.

Homemix Nutrition is a leading provider of products and services dedicated to the Homemix Poultry sector. Our product range specifically targeted for the poultry sector provides nutritional solutions on-farm.

Our dedicated team of expert nutritionists can formulate bespoke poultry diets based on your requirements and raw materials. Our specialists know how to accurately estimate the nutritional value of home grown raw materials, and straights, and supplement them where necessary with bespoke vitamin and mineral premixes.

What we offer poultry Homemixers

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Homemix Nutrition offers an unrivalled package of products and services to the UK poultry home mixer. The individual focus that each customer requires is achieved through the bespoke approach provided by the Homemix Nutrition team, our specialists work directly with you to design and formulate your bespoke home mixed feed.

ForFarmers offer feeds for all classes of poultry, providing the flexibility of offering a premix of micro-ingredients, or a bespoke premix specifically created to suit your needs. Our Homemix poultry offering includes:

  • Bespoke premixes and supplements – Providing complimentary nutritional innovations such as organic acids, enzymes and nutraceuticals
  • High and low inclusion concentrates for mixing with on-farm cereals.
  • Complimentary nutritional innovations such as organic acids, enzymes and nutraceuticals.

Working with us

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Nutritional Science & Innovation 

  • ForFarmers own Nutritional Innovation Centre undertakes significant and innovative research, often in collaboration with leading Universities and Research Institutes.
  • This research helps our nutritionists identify practical solutions to each and every farm situation.
  • With the most up to date research at our disposal, the nutritional advice we can offer allows us to help our customers maximise their performance and returns.
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Working in Partnership 

  • ForFarmers a strategic partners with Trouw Nutrition.
  • This collaborative partnership provides Homemix Nutrition with access to an unparalleled level of research and development and an extended knowledge of micro-nutrients used in Premixes.
  • We work closely with you to develop a bespoke solution, including premixes, straights, and ongoing analysis.
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Your specialist Team

  • As the 'Total Feed Business' the Homemix Nutrition team has expert knowledge of dry and liquid products, ensuring our customers have access to total feed solutions.
  • Meet Homemix expert – Andrew Marriage
    Andrew’s role is focussed on delivering excellent on-farm performance, with an aim to make our customers business more financially and environmentally sustainable. Andrew has worked at ForFarmers for over 20 years, with a wealth of experience across feed formulation and Homemix development. ( Read more about Andrew HERE )

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Homemix additional services

We combine our industry knowledge, specialist experience, and first class nutritional knowledge to help you design your own bespoke diets. Providing services beyond a Premix supply, our Homemix Nutritional services include:

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Raw material and finished product sampling programmes

  • We have access to an unrivalled raw material database that is continually updated with the most up to date knowledge.
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Straights and Co-products

  • ForFarmers offer straights products, source your straights through us via our extended access to the wider ForFarmers network. Using our knowledge of straights.

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