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ForFarmers supplies organic feed nationally!

ForFarmers has accomplished UK national coverage for its range of organic VITAFOCUS layer feeds. Achieved by the successful implementation of the organic soya oil at ForFarmers mills; Selby, Penrith, and Portbury.

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Access to organic soya oil has enabled the revolution of organic poultry diets at ForFarmers. The focus has been centred on strengthening the key areas of UK organic growth opportunity, alongside differentiating the ForFarmers organic offering with the procurement and installation of organic soya oil. The successful implementation of the oil has been achieved by the hard work of the team, delivered through a staged process starting at Penrith and now reaching all three mills. The rollout has been accomplished by installing a specialist holding tank at the mill sites specifically for the organic oil, along with a dedicated delivery system.

ForFarmers supplies organic feed nationally!

The new range of organic diets includes feed materials that support the bird’s functional methionine requirements and methionine regeneration; freeing up other sources of the amino acid for structural processes essential for increased productivity and egg size. Andrew Fothergill, National Poultry Advisor at ForFarmers, explained “In this diet, we can more easily meet energy requirements from oil supplementation and can fully exploit medium energy ingredients such as sunflower meal. This, as well as providing protein, is an excellent source of structural fibre. Which improves gizzard function and helps support intestinal health.”  The use of oil further improves the quality, consistency, flow through feeding systems, and palatability of the diet.

The diet has seen great success to date, David Hilldrith, Poultry Sales Director at ForFarmers, explained: “Most of the organic egg producers we work with have switched already, or are in the process of switching, to our new range. They have quickly noticed improvements in shell quality, superior feather cover and they’re seeing fewer seconds. Customers are also reporting greater feed intake, which means more nutrients available for egg production.”  Other positive feedback from customers to date includes comments on the feed form, how well it flows through feeding systems and overall less wastage.

The ForFarmers team has years of experience around developing, manufacturing and supplying feed to organic livestock producers and the team has recently been further strengthened with the recent addition of account manager James Girdler, who will predominantly focus on organic feeds.

The new organic range from ForFarmers has been developed as part of the VITAFOCUS range of layer feeds, which includes the Supreme, Caledonian, and Prestige ranges.

For more information on the Poultry range of feeds please contact our Poultry team on: 0330 678 1080