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A Guide to Pig Health

Afbeelding: Pig for guide to pig health

We all understand the importance of good food for our own health and well-being.

At ForFarmers we know that good feed is one of the corner stones of maintaining good herd health when attempting to reduce the reliance on antibiotics. Good nutrition not only supports gut microbiota and gut integrity, but also supports immune function, which are all critical to herd performance and well-being (RUMA, 2013).

However, In the fight to reduce antibiotic use, good nutrition can only be fully effective when applied alongside good management and veterinary surgeon support in an environment which does not encourage the risk of introduction
and spread of disease.

The ForFarmers Guide to Pig Health has been designed to stress the importance of combining the four pillars: Nutrition, Management, Environment and Team work, in a tool which helps producers and advisors to work together to evaluate practices that will ultimately help support and improve herd health, maximise performance and reduce the reliance on antibiotics, where appropriate to do so.