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Well managed grassland provides the most economic feed to livestock either as grazing or conserved forage. 

With input costs increasing, selecting the correct grass seed mixture to suit the specific system is essential to maximise performance efficiency. ForFarmers use only the best varieties from leading plant breeding programs in TOPGRASS seed mixtures. These are higher yielding, better quality varieties providing improved use of fertiliser to boost grassland productivity and animal output.


  • Combines the latest recommended grass and clover listed varieties.
  • Includes the latest high sugar grasses which can increase milk over the grazing season by 6%.
  • Incorporates maximum fibre digestibility varieties. Every 1% in DNDF results in 0.25litres milk / cow / day.
  • Maximises the profitability of home grown forage on the farm.
  • Good intake potential to support extra milk production or improved liveweight gain.
  • Improved rumen health.
  • Maximum yield, persistency and disease resistance.
  • Incorporates ryegrass plus grasses (festuloliums) for longletivity and forage quality.


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