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    Additives and Inoculants

    Additives and inoculants can be used on a wide range of crops including grass, maize, wholecrop and legumes but: Why use an additive or an inoculant to treat silage?

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    ForFarmers use only the best varieties from leading plant breeding programs in TOPGRASS seed mixtures. These are higher yielding, better quality varieties providing improved use of fertiliser to boost grassland productivity and animal output. They include the latest high sugar grasses with maximum fibre digestibility and good intake potential to support extra milk production or improved liveweight gains.

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    Fodder crops and other seeds

    Forage root crops provide a cost effective way of supplementing livestock rations during times when fodder may be scarce, dry spells in summers and the cold winter months. They can supply substantial qualitites of palatable material at relatively low production costs, balancing the amount of bought in feed required.

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    ForFarmers can supply a full range of fertilisers for both the livestock and arable farmer. Our quality compound fertilisers are supplied by Yara UK. We can also supply a large range of standard blends but customers own specific blends can be mixed to order. Our wide portfolio also includes lime, urea and maize starter fertilisers.

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    As the leading national feed manufacturer we offer all our customers an unrivalled forage and grassland agronomy product support service and advice that delivers:

    • A national service, backed by experienced BASIS and FACTS qualified advisors.
    • Crop specific advice tailored to your farming practice, driven by crop need and supported by a full or partial crop walking service.
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